- Fixed nav text and table headers on mobile.

- Added DLC buttons to switch between dailies (rip rep).

- Added a Patreon option for those who want to support the site.

- Changed the Brokedidit attribute to schwag > 15,000.

- Added three new stats: boss rush, hush and mega satan kills.

- Added percentages to score and time ranks for that day.

- Fixed run history table header from moving.

- Added a new ranking system with concepts from Cool_G and NotWendy.


- Major database overhaul. Reduced total size by 60%.

- Leaderboard fetch script improvements for quicker updates.

- Total number of runs and average score posted on the landing page.

- Score details page show score rank and time rank.

- Added attribute 'dodgy' for runs with damage under 1000.

- Added attribute totals to player profiles.

- Cleaned up lingering no-break section from search results.

- A few other cosmetic issues were fixed.