This website was solely inspired by the late Thanks to europa for his longtime dedication to the Isaac community.

Also, a special thanks to the team behind (awesome site) for some nifty design concepts.

Leaderboards and player profiles update every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour.

Entries that trip the cheat detection will be hidden and the player will be marked as a cheater.

If a player is marked once for cheating their entries will be indefinitely hidden from the leaderboards.

The all-time rankings update every day at midnight. A player must have 8 logged runs in the last 8 weeks to be ranked. The rank is determined by the cumulative average rank of all posted runs in the last 8 weeks.

The rank level concepts were done by Cool_G and NotWendy. Thank you!

Suggestions or comments are always welcome using this email. Although this website serves some functionality, it is far from perfect or fancy.

This was just a project to work on during free time and will remain that way.